Please note that you, as a consumer, are obliged to learn, study and understand the rules of refund and cancellation of services before purchasing any product or service from our site.


1.1. You can cancel your subscription to our services at any time by sending an email to the support service at
1.2. Services imply a paid subscription to entertainment materials published on this site.
1.3. Under the subscription is meant the tariff plan of using our services for the entire period of the gaming season.
1.4. If you do not cancel the subscription in the manner set out in clause 1.1 of this Policy, it will automatically continue for the next game season.


2.1. The tariff plan for using our services is charged from your card, depending on the tariff you choose - once a week or a month or a year.
2.2. We do not return funds that have already been withdrawn from your card, depending on the tariff you choose (payment once a week or a month or a year), since it is considered that you have already started using our service, in including if you bought it on the entire game season of the current period.
2.3. As soon as we receive your email with a request to cancel a subscription, it will be canceled from the next period that follows the rate you paid (week, month, year).
2.4. Because of the possible time difference with our users, we reserve the right to consider their request for cancellation of a subscription within 24 hours from the moment it is received at our postal address.If the user sent a letter to our email on cancellation and 24 hours had not yet passed and the next payment period began at the rate (week, month, year) and the funds were withdrawn from his card, this option applies to clause 2.2 of this Policy.